My Interview with 2020

ME: 2020, this has been some year for you. You must have some very strong feelings about your legacy.

2020: You bet I do! How would you like to be the only year in history cancelled?

ME: That must have been a shock. Did you have any idea as you waited in December 2019 to come on the stage of history what awaited you?

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2020: None. I was planning a year of prosperity and goodwill.

ME: Wow! We would have liked that. What happened?

2020: Well, of course, COVID-19 happened. But, not only that, politicians, medical experts, and out of control protestors happened. Race hatred and angry young people happened.

ME: So, that’s who you blame for your cancelled year?

2020: You bet I do!

ME: How would you say they are to blame?

2020: The Chinese started it when they bungled the virus, then heads of governments panicked and common sense went straight out the window. And as the government panicked so did the people.

ME: What would you like to say to all of those who have ruined you?

2020: I would say you better lighten up because the people are getting over their panic and starting to see through and pass all the smoke screens that have been thrown their way. Also, this is something no one much talks about, but I have it on good authority, God is not pleased with all of this. My warning is to watch out. Mend your ways. Govern with integrity. Everyone, start telling the truth!

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ME: How do you think they will take your warning?

2020: They won’t pay attention. I can tell you 2021 is pretty nervous.

ME: You’ve talked to 2021?

2020: Of course, and I can tell you she is getting her defenses ready.

ME: What does that mean?

2020: Ha! I can’t tell you. It’s not for your kind to know the future. But, I will just say this. She doesn’t plan alone.

ME: You’re scaring me and everyone reading this interview.

2020: Good. Be afraid, but be hopeful. All you have to do is what is right.

ME: What is right?

2020: An Old Testament prophet told the people of Israel in light of their present and future sufferings to “Return to the Lord; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up.” (1)

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ME: So, you’re saying people need to seek out God?

2020: Yes, I am. People need to repent and stop telling lies and start telling the truth. Not, just anyone’s truth, but God’s: that man is made in His image and is precious, not something to be messed with. Oh, if only people would listen.

ME: No, you are right we don’t listen well. On a brighter note, what have you planned for the rest of the year?

2020: What have I planned? Haven’t you been listening to me? I planned a good year, you people messed it up.

ME: Sorry, of course we did. Well, what do you think will happen in the rest of your time?

2020: I suspect, in America it will be a slow dawning of what has been done to this great country. And then anger at those who they hold responsible for it. I don’t think it is good to anger the American people. They still have the vote. For now. And if they don’t use it wisely, 2021 may be a very bad year.

ME: Do you think COVID will go away?

2020: Yes, definitely. That’s not what 2021 is nervous about. That’s a blimp on the screen.

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I will tell you my deepest hope. That people make this the best Christmas ever. That they put aside all the animosity and strife and worship the one Christmas is about. If that happens, I may be able to redeem my place in history, not as the cancelled year, but as the year of eternal hope and the year peace took root.

ME: That would be something to look forward to. People are feeling hopeless and helpless.

2020: But, they are not. Turn to God and do what is right.

ME: Simple message. We tend to complicate simple messages. Well, thank you 2020 for sharing your thoughts with us. We look with anticipation for your exit. We pray it will be a redeeming one.

2020: Thank you.

  1. Hosea 6:1,3

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