Tomorrow we are physically going back to church. It has been a long time coming. Quarantine has taught me all over again the importance of the Body and its coming together to worship.

Another thing I have learned is when life is a disaster and all I know as normal is taken away and I am drifting toward the path of despair and ungratefulness, I have to remember I have been given Christ! What greater gift, what greater possession could I have? What could I want more than Him?

Over and over again I have reminded myself to rivet my eyes on Christ. If I studied his word and meditated on him for the rest of my earthly life, I would never reach the bottom of the depths of his glory. He is infinitely holy, righteous, good, faithful, true, just, merciful, long-suffering, compassionate, loving, and forgiving – and He is mine!

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So, tomorrow will be a special Sunday of reunion not with Christ because he never leaves me, but with Christ in his body of believers.

I pray tomorrow you are able to join your local gathering of believers, but if not remember WHO you have been freely given and rejoice.

You are loved!

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