We must ask the Lord to let our children, loved ones, and friends see His beauty upon us. Let them see Him working in and through us and on our part may they see us faithful. As the Steve Green songs say, “May all who come behind us find us faithful.”

Steve says it so much better than I: May our lives be “a stirring testament to god’s sustaining grace.”

Photo by Monica Silvestre on Pexels.com

There is a natural tendency for older folks to feel it’s their time to do nothing. Leave it up to the younger generation. Wrong! As my Pastor used to say, “God has no retirement plan.”

This younger generation must see us being faithful to the end. They must see our perseverance … that is our legacy to them. Our greatest witness to them is for them to see us loving Jesus and being faithful to our calling in Him, whatever that looks like for us in our own individual circumstances.

We are not all called to the same walk of faith, but we are all called to walk faithfully.

All of us can leave positive memories in the minds of people. I would love to know that the memories people will have of me will a blessing to them and not a burden. But, more importantly I pray I will leave them a legacy of faith.

Each day we live we are building a legacy of one kind or another. People will remember me as being kind and gentle or mean and harsh; they will remember me as being faithful or unfaithful. Our legacies will happen – one kind or another. It will either re-enforce our faith or it will negate it.

Our legacies should include positive memories of our faith because of how we lived and what we said. If we don’t leave them that – we leave them nothing of value.

What are you doing now that will help future generations to understand they are “surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1)? One way is for us to “lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

Our calling is to run with endurance the race that is set before us. I will run my race, you will run yours. Those races may be different, but our finish line is the same – The New Jerusalem.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I want my grandchildren to see my race and say, “Grammy loved Jesus. She tried to live her life by the Bible. She had such sweet peace as she lived and died. She wasn’t afraid to die. I want to be like that.”

Let your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brother, sisters, and your faith family see you live out your faith. Teach them by example. Let them see your faithfulness in attending church, studying your Bible, and praying. Let them know you pray for them.

A visual memory of you reading your Bible will stick with them, especially if you quote from it. Don’t worry if they call you a Bible thumper. Rejoice!

We need to teach those we love and those whom God puts into our lives the contrast between the indestructible toughness of the Bible compared to vain ideologies of men. Ideologies and schemes of hope that leave out God and Christ and sin and salvation and repentance and death and heaven and hell have no substances and won’t stand when their soul is in pain.

Give them the word of God. Give them your example of faith. Give them love. Give them Jesus.

That’s a legacy!

You are loved

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