Every time you have a problem, crises, emergency, disaster, or just a question, someone else can answer it for you. You can go through life relying on someone else’s expertise.

Maybe, in some areas of life you can get by with this. It is laziness, but it is one method of surfing through life.

When it comes to your spiritual life, it just won’t do. You can ask of others what God says about your circumstances or you can learn about God and His character and His word so you can feed yourself.

God is a revealing God. He wants to be known and He has made it possible for you to know Him.

You can answer your own questions. You can’t know God as you should unless you know firsthand for yourself His character, His attributes, what He says and what He does.

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

If your son or daughter came to you constantly asking, “What does my dad think about this?” Or, “What makes Dad happy?” Or, “What does my dad want me to do or think, or say?” That child doesn’t have a relationship with her father. She doesn’t know her dad.

I want for you dear sister to know your Triune God. He wants us to know Him. That is why He gave us His Son and the Scriptures.

Don’t settle for someone else’s left overs!

Matthew 4:4
But he answered, “It is written,“‘Man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of

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